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I'm Luzma Avila.



About me...

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Since a young age I was very intrigue about images and the way a photograph could capture moments and turn it into treasures. I knew that those treasures could bring back to life precious memories at any time I wanted, it was like magic. Latter in life photography for me become a passion, a necessity, specially when my daughter (4 years old at that time) started practicing ballet and I wanted to capture every step, every moves she made.

My passion for photography took me to the next level when I was introduced to the amazing wedding world. The first time I photographed a wedding I felt in love, I witnessed joy, laugh, emotions, tears…I wanted to capture every moment in the most unique and creative way. Wedding photography, portraits and family sessions are now not just a simple work, for me it’s the engine that drives my life each day. And like any passion, I can’t live without it!

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